Wine Dinner

At French Liquid Gold, we help you to orgainise Private or Corporate Wine Event

Give your event that extra Buzzz. Whether you need a menu paired by us, advice on your wine selection or would like to feature a wine and cheese table that will blow your guests away, our team can help.

Let us help you with your next party, whether it be for 6 or 60. Simply provide us with your menu and budget, and we will choose wines to complement your dishes. Our staff LOVE to eat and drink, and their experiences from hotel, restaurant or food fanaticism, combined with an intimate knowledge of our offerings, will mean that you leave with an admirable pairing!

We know that good food and good wine go hand in hand. That is why we work with the best local chefs to provide the ultimate in food and wine pairing events. When appropriately paired, wine and food have the ability to enhance each other's flavors, making them more pronounced, and render the entire taste experience a more satisfying and enjoyable one. Whether you are serving a simple selection of cheeses, or entertaining with a multi-course dinner, knowing the nuances of wine pairing will serve you, and your guests, well.

Contact us at info@frenchliquidgold.com for a customized wine and food pairing event in your own home or at one of our guest facilities, or join us for a delicious evening at one of our upcoming wine and food pairing events.